New smash single by Swish Rsscg.

Check out the 4th project from Oozah #Rsscg

After a two year wait, Swish & Oozah are finally back dropping their 3rd edition of Morning Breath sequel. When you think of Morning Breath, you think of heat, something that just makes your face go ewww. Well this 19 track project doesn't disappoint with fire song after fire song from top to bottom. #Rsscg

Check Out The long awaited collab tape feat Rsscg's Pook Dougz & Oozah, Unapologetic is finally here! Make sure to check out Rsscg's website & be on the lookout for more!! #Rsscg


R to The Double our crew STRONG! Relentless Strong $triving Creative Genius. It is not just music its a way of life. Apply these philosophies to your life and watch life as you know it start to move in a more positive direction. We challenge all people who want to be self empowered as well be apart of a brand who thrives on being free to express yourself as well as maintaining inner peace to step up, speak out. In a time where unity is lacking, Rsscg is here to show you even through the adversities we keep our minds right & focus on the art & moving forward. Life is a mental game; 90% mental 10% physical to be exact. Free your mind, open your box, and become truly empowered. Welcome to the OFFICIAL R$SCG website!

Balance & Love 

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