The acronym R S S C G; what does this mean?  Relentless Strong Striving Creative Genius would be the answer. R$SCG was started in 2011 in a dorm room at Shawnee State university. Based out of Cleveland, the movement is about handwork, unity, positivity, & of course creative genius. Stand for something or fall for anything right? R$SCG is composed of four members .You have Toine D, Swish, , J Rilla, & newest recruit Pook Dougz. Rsscg in a in house powerhouse with them providing all of their production, engineering & graphic design from the inside members. Follow the crew on Twitter: @IamToine, @Strive4_success, @Xxlrilla, & @PookdougzDaPrin. Be on the lookout for these young men & recognize the spirit that’s behind them. R$SCG is here and here to stay!! #RSSCG